We unlock live streaming's potential for fan engagement and community building.

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Creative Development

Live streaming isn't just about gaming anymore. We excel at engaging audiences in this space, drawing viewers to your channel, and keeping them entertained. Our formats are designed to utilise each platform's unique features and maximize real-time viewer interaction.

Talent Management

We can identify and train the ideal on-screen talent to align with your brand's vision. We have worked alongside some of the most exciting radio, TV and podcast presenters in the UK and have connections to a range of establish streamers.

Still from a comedy podcast produced and edited by london based media company

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Strategy & Platform Choice

We help you select the right live streaming platform, whether it's Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or a combination. We also advise on content frequency, duration, and optimal scheduling times.

Branding & Set Design

Get custom overlays, emotes, and other branding essentials that make your stream visually compelling. We can work with you to find approirate studio space and build a unique set that represents your show's style.

Tech & Live Production

We handle everything from OBS configuration to real-time chat features, ensuring seamless and engaging streams. Our production team takes charge of both talent management and technical aspects, so nothing is left to chance.

Get it out there.

Content Maximisation

Post-stream, we craft highlight reels and social videos to prolong the impact of each live session. These are strategically shared on social platforms to fuel continued engagement and guide viewers back to your channel.


From achieving affiliate to partner status, we help unlock multiple revenue routes including subscriptions, donations, merch and brand partnerships. Maximising streaming's unique financial potential.

Channel Growth

We leverage creative on-air follower drives, targeted social media posts, and our network of industry connections to amplify your reach. In addition, we produce visually appealing, engaging live content to fuel your channel's growth. We break down analytics and deliver growth reports to fine-tune your strategy.

marketing content for a new twitch show featuring Girls Dont Sync - designed and branded by new strange in london

"New Strange’s expertise and facilitation has been invaluable in helping us to develop our ideas around live streaming formats, providing guidance in both our ideation around creative and content strategy as well as the technical and operational considerations"

Isaac Hyman, Colors Studio

Ways to Engage with New Strange.
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360 Production
We handle everything, start to finish. Our team will take care of all the moving parts and keep you in the loop at all times. No fuss, no stress - just great content.
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We can work with you for a set period of time to focus on creative development, monetisation strategy, or audience expansion for your live stream.
Exec Producer
Need consistent guidance? We'll be your show's Executive Producer, giving you regular feedback across all areas - production, presenting, marketing, growth, and monetisation.
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Pick n Mix
Need your latest stream edited down for socials? Need to find the perfect host for your brand's Twitch channel? Need technical support for your first live stream? Just reach out.