We create impactful, shareable short-form videos that cut through the noise.

Get it off the ground.

Creative Development

We brainstorm out-of-the-box concepts for YouTube series or social video campaigns that are as eye-catching as they are shareable. Whether it's a "budget Total Wipeout" or a quirky podcast promo, we design formats that maximise entertainment value.

Talent Management

We're plugged into a network of the UK's best presenters and emerging talent. We can match the right host to your content and manage the process of finding any guests or personalities you might need.

Still from a short form video content piece - showing members of iconic DJ collective Girls Dont Sync
Behind the scenes shot showing 4 people on a football field, while shooting video developed and produced by New Strange, in London

Get it done right.

Graphic Design

We offer custom motion graphics and 2D overlays that not only elevate your content but also create a coherent aesthetic to match your brand.

Set Design

We collaborate with trusted partners to create original, bespoke sets that elevate your content. Move beyond the ubiquitous brick wall and LED lights, and let us design something unique that distinguishes you.

Shooting & Editing

With a solid crew that can adapt to any situation, we ensure that your project is executed to a professional standard. Our post production process involves client collaboration, ensuring we iterate until everyone is happy with the final product

Get it out there.

Content Maximisation

We craft meticulous plans for how and when your content will be rolled out across various platforms for maximum impact. No gimmicks like hashtag stuffing or clickbait titles - just sound digital marketing strategy.

Project Management

Video projects often involve multiple moving parts and various individuals. We manage that entire process from start to finish, guaranteeing a high standard throughout.

A man on the set of Julies Top 5, a UK podcast developed by a london media company

"Working with New Strange was amazing, they really helped me flesh out my idea and develop it into a concept that has received amazing feedback."

Alizé Demange, Add To Wishlist

Ways to Engage with New Strange.
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360 Production
We handle everything, start to finish. Our team will take care of all the moving parts and keep you in the loop at all times. No fuss, no stress - just great content.
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We can work with you for a set period of time to focus on creative development, monetisation strategy, or audience expansion for your video series.
Exec Producer
Need consistent guidance? We'll be your show's Executive Producer, giving you regular feedback across all areas - production, presenting, marketing, growth, and monetisation.
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Pick n Mix
Need your videos edited so you can focus on marketing? Have an idea for socials but want it to look pro? Want to become an presenter but need some training? Just reach out.