We're passionate about the transformative power of podcasts.

Get it off the ground.

Creative Development

Leveraging years of experience in content and format development, we create innovative podcast concepts that engage new audiences and stand out in a crowded market. We carefully consider factors like budget, target audience, and timeframes to ensure your podcast is the perfect fit.

Talent Management

We not only help identify the ideal host for your podcast but also offer tailored training to polish their presenting skills. Additionally, we take charge of guest outreach based on your hit list.


Using our audio team to produce bespoke theme music and transition packages and our graphic designers to create eye-catching podcast artwork, we ensure your brand stands out in the crowd.

Check out some of our podcast theme productions
Man talking on a podcast, showing high level production for short and long form content
Woman talking into a microphone, on a podcast being produced by content production house in London

Get it done right.


With meticulous pre-production and show planning, our producers craft each episode's content. Simultaneously, our experienced audio engineers and camera team can adapt to your specific requirements. We're fully insured and can accommodate any type of capture, audio or visual, even on tight budgets.


Our editors are committed to delivering top-tier audio and video. We upload only the highest quality content, reinforcing the perception of your podcast as a premium product and increasing the likelihood of financial support from your audience.

Get it out there.


We manage everything from initial channel setup to episode metadata and uploads, ensuring a hassle-free distribution process. Additionally, we provide regular growth reports and listener analytics, useful for both your team and potential sponsors.

Promotion & Marketing

We work closely with you to formulate a robust marketing strategy that will cut through the crowded market. Leveraging our direct relationships with major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music, we canrequest front-page featuring to boost your podcast's visibility.

Growth & Monetisation

We provide advice on listener growth and community-building techniques. We offer access to external partners who specialise in crafting financial paths and brokering brand deals aligned with your content. We work with e-commerce pros to develop and market your merch, and our live events teams can handle your podcast's live shows.

A crowd at a music festival - showing content being distributed by New Strange

"The experience and agility of the team has been a real standout feature as they have supported us to grow the venture into a commercial success."

Mark Cole, Whisper TV

Ways to Engage with New Strange.
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360 Production
We handle everything, start to finish. Our team will take care of all the moving parts and keep you in the loop at all times. No fuss, no stress - just great content.
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We can work with you for a set period of time to focus on creative development, monetisation strategy, or audience expansion for your podcast.
Exec Producer
Need consistent guidance? We'll be your podcast's Executive Producer, giving you regular feedback across all areas - production, presenting, marketing, growth, and monetisation.
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Pick n Mix
Need your podcast edited so you can focus on socials? Want custom intro music produced for your new season? Need a camera op for a taping next week? Just reach out.